Audible Legacy

The Angry Black Men

Brotha Dax & Vinnie Sankofa are no strangers to the radio world. The two have been working together for over 8 years hosting various radio shows. Their first show was So Prup Radio in 2008. So Prup Radio was a hip hop themed radio show based out of Los Angeles. The show was met with early success and was syndicated on dozens of websites online. So Prup Radio was also picked up on 91.1 Beat Media FM in Quebec Canada. After a hiatus the two got back together for Ancient Flyers Radio, which revived some of the success they had seen previously. Over the years Asani & Vinnie have shifted their focus from music to becoming activist in the black community. So it only seemed right that they would create a radio show exclusively for the black community. Formally known as UADW Radio, The Angry Black Men is a radio show with a goal of enlightening the black community on economic, social, political and cultural issues. The Angry Black Men was created to open the eyes of the unconscious of the harsh realities of this world and push the people in the direction of rebuilding and creating strong black communities around the world.

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